MYP Days-Monthly Traits


August:  This month we are focusing on being OPEN-MINDED. Teachers will be talking about what this means in class. Take the opportunity during the month of August to talk and about demonstrate Open-mindedness outside of school!

                                 2 Character Chefs under the word Open-Minded

September: This month we are focusing on being KNOWLEDGEABLE. Teachers will be talking about what this means in class. Take the opportunity during the month of September to talk and about demonstrate being knowledgeable outside of school! 
                                   Character under the word Knowledgeable conceptual understanding of issues

October:  This month we are focusing on being BALANCED. As balanced IB learners we understand the importance of balancing different aspects of our lives, intellectual, physical, and emotional t0 achieve will-being for ourselves and others. We recognize our interdependence with other people and with the world in which we live.

                               Picture of seal balancing a ball on its nose with description of what it means to be balanced in life

November:  As COMMUNICATORS  we express ourselves confidently and creatively in more than one language and in many ways. We collaborate effectively listening carefully to the perspectives of other individuals and groups.
                               Picture of 3 cartoon character students discussing ideas

December:  This month’s learner profile trait is PRINCIPLED. Principled IB learners act with integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness, justice and respect for the dignity of the individual, groups and communities. They take responsibility for their own actions and the consequences that accompany them.
                         Picture of different robots with definition of being Principled

January:  This month’s learner profile trait is INQUIRER. IB learners develop their natural curiosity. They acquire the skills necessary to conduct inquiry and research and show independence in learning. They actively enjoy learning and this love of learning will be sustained throughout their lives.

                     Cartoon picture of IB trait inquirer with girl and spaceship

 February:  This month's learner profile trait is CARING.  As caring learners we show empathy, compassion, and respect the needs and feelings of others.  We have a personal
commitment to service, and we act to make a positive difference in the lives of others and to the environment.

                            Picture with word Caring and 2 animals hugging each other for IB trait caring

March:  This month's learner profile is THINKER.  They exercise initiative in applying thinking skills critically and creatively to recognize and approach complex problems, and make reasoned, ethical decisions.
                     Picture of work THINKER with a girl and statue behind her

April: RISKTAKER They approach unfamiliar situations and uncertainty with courage and forethought, and have the independence of spirit to explore new roles, ideas and strategies. They are brave and articulate in defending their beliefs. 
                    Picture of surfer for a risk taker              


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